Monday, February 16, 2015

Not our Best Week!!!

I've been thinking about learning another language after I come home. But I think I will probably learn Tagalog or some other Filippino language maybe spanish? I guess I have time to decide right. 

Things are OK here actually to be honest our week was not a good week. We had a lot of our appointments fall thru, or in ilonggo Pantid gid kami! I didn't get to ride on any buses this week but I still have 19 months to do it! But the highlight of my week would probably be our baptism! We baptized Ray Angelo Vergara! And on Sunday I confirmed him and gave him the gift of the Holy ghost! I got nervous so it was short and the Ilonggo wasn't my best stuff! And speaking of Church we literally had 4 members attend our sacrament meeting. 6 including us. 

I would have to say that this was my hardest week in my mission so far! But I'm not beating myself up over it. This whole week was a challenge, or a mountain I needed to climb. And I climbed by not focusing on the hard sad times but on the happy good times we were able to have this week. Like our baptism, and how much the Lord has helped me with my language. I have actually made improvements, or I should say the Lord has helped make those improvements! 

We had a baptism goal but he is not ready so we pushed it to the next week hopefully by then he will be ready!

Elder Rivera

PS for the first time in forever I'm happy I'm sweating rather than being cold!

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