Monday, January 26, 2015

New Area

Well I got transferred. I am in my new area Sagasa It is actually still pretty close to my old area but different District. I'm really going to miss all of the members and investigators there they were just starting to grow and starting have a desire for the message. But I can't wait to get to work here with my new companion Elder Ballesteros Filipino still. And freakin hilarious! Sorry there are no pictures we don't have alot of time to get all our stuff done! 

Ya we got fed alot in my old area. We had what is called an "Amulek" A member who always feeds us! We ate fish there yes and it was pretty good it didn't taste like fish though it was drowned in sweet and sour sauce. I have had alot of adobo and stuff like that classic Filipino food and such. I miss the snow back home alot! mostly because it is cold and not burning hot. We have entered the hot and dry season so I'm burning up!

I love you and miss you all and will send you as many pictures as I can next week! Stay Frosty!

Elder Rivera

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