Monday, January 19, 2015

I Finally Ate Something Funky!!!

Elder Bowen and President Lopez
We met Elder Bowen on our Priests trip to Palmyra
Well I did get to meet Elder Bowen he came to our Stake conference, I didn't know it was the same person at Palmyra. Small world, I shook his hand and everything. 

Laura wants to play baseball? That's cool, I wonder why the sudden change in sports? Make sure you teach her the basics of fielding and throwing and batting. 

I am doing pretty well I'm happy, working hard and all the good stuff. I finally had something funky to eat, but it tasted good.  I had chicken intestines.

Chicken Intestines

I can't wait to hear where all the boys are going on their missions it will be exciting! Good luck to mom and her report cards, I know that report card time is the hardest time for a teacher. So hopefully it goes relatively stress free!


Having fun at church

Kids love their picture taken

I broke the sink in our apartment. I was rinsing some dishes and when I grabbed the faucet to turn off the water I pulled it out of the wall by accident! Luckily I was able to fix it!

Well I have some news. Last week we were suppose to have our mission president training but then we heard that president Lopez was sick. Well it turns out that he is in America and will most likely not be returning to finish his mission. It's pretty sad.

I love you all and miss you all!

Elder Rivera

Some sad news

Dear Bacolod Missionaries,

On Sunday, President and Sister Lopez returned to the United States so President Lopez can receive urgent medical treatment. It is not anticipated that they will be returning to complete their mission.

We ask that you join with the Area Presidency in prayer and faith on their behalf.

Arrangements are being made for a couple to be in Bacolod to lead the great work you are doing. In the interim, Elder Mower who serves in the mission office will be able to respond to your immediate needs.


Philippines Area Presidency

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