Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm So Tired Which is a good thing! It means we work hard!

 I've been taking pictures like crazy I have pictures from my first second and third baptism! I will send them for sure this week! Our area is pretty big we have just one ward with 4 missionaries 2 elders and 2 sisters. There are 900 members in the ward but only 80+ are active, so we focus a lot on re activation which is really hard!

Lannie And Katrina

Our day involves a lot of walking and tricycle riding we teach an average of 20-30 lessons a week! busy everyday. We also have about 4 hours of study before we go out! I've had 2 dinner appointments and I've eaten everything give to me! The food here is awesome!

I do cook too I've made noodles, pancakes, and a bunch of other stuff

Laundry we have a member who washed our clothes but we wash our garments so after one wash my garments are mostly yellow

I write in my journal every night I will have a lot of memories for sure!

I teach with Elder Cusili, I mostly testify but I try and actually teach as well. I have a goal to memorize the first vision by the end of the week I will be able to help in lessons a lot more after that! Every night we come home I'm so tired Which is a good thing! It means we work hard!

I love you guys & miss!

Elder Rivera

My Investigators
My 5 Star Bathroom/Laundry Room

One of our Pets
Why we don't have Spiders

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