Sunday, November 9, 2014

I love my Mission!!!

Proseliting in Manila was cool but it sucked because we didn't do it in our language we did it in Tagalog..... we don't know Tagalog! So I didn't really understand much. Manila was crazy! traffic is a big mess and it was scary to be even in a van or a big bus! Bacolod is nothing compared to that!

The flight was so long and dreadful but I'm glad to be here in my first area Valladolid with an awesome trainer! It is hotter than I don't know what over here and I'm sweating buckets but I love it!!! All the people here are amazing and the kids here are so much fun! I already had my first baptism, I forgot to mention that! President Lopez wants one per week so I have another one this Saturday very exciting!

My trainer is so cool and funny. Elder Cusili is from the Philippines and is DL. We are in the Valladolid area in the Bago Zone, it is literally right on the shore! absolutely beautiful! We have taught many lessons. All of the members and investigators are amazed at how much of the language I know for only being here for a few days. I'm very excited for when I'm fluent then I can help more with lessons!

Being a missionary is awesome and hard!!!! I love it!!!

Elder Rivera

Training for New Missionaries and Trainers
Elder Cusili and Elder Rivera
Trainers and New Missionaries
Lunch with new Companions
Giants Pizzas for Lunch!!!
Which Pizza to try?
Getting to know each other better!!!
Each new missionary gets a brand new pillow
Missionaries teaching Family

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