Monday, April 18, 2016

Sagay is Sick

So my new companion is from Tonga. And his name is Elder Ngalu he is awesome. We are like the companionship from the movie

"The Other Side of Heaven." He even calls me Kolipoki.  We just try and have fun everyday and relieve the stress from any of the aspects of the work while working super hard at the same time.

My new area is pretty cool, it's in the city and in the countryside. it's a pretty big area, full of  people to teach, the only thing is, we need to find them all. We had a baptism this past Saturday and that was pretty awesome. After that we have a really small investigator pool. And we are spending most of the time finding. But it is pretty cool because the area and the members are awesome!

I think when I get home we will go on a food trip! We'll eat everywhere. And we need to go to a Filipino restaurant. They have bunch in Toronto!

I love you!
Elder Rivera

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