Monday, December 14, 2015

Work, Work, Work!!!

Well the best day for me to call would probably be on the 25th here in the Philippines, so like the 24th there. We have a baptism that day too so next Monday I will finalize the exact time when we should call. I'm looking forward to snow again! even though it is going to be really really really cold I am still looking forward to it! 

This week we kinda really struggled, We had a lot of appointments fall through and had a few investigators at church. Also like when I was in Cadiz, we have realized that a lot of investigators are no longer progressing so we dropped a lot. But this week Elder Ratuiste and I are planning to contact or to find 100+ potential investigators so we can build our investigator pool!.

We still have a lot of progressing investigators, we have 1 baptism this coming up Saturday, and one for sure on Christmas, but we could have 2, all depends on their willingness to follow the commandments.

How is the new Prime Minister? How are both of the grandparents doing?

I miss you!

I'll see you on Christmas!
Elder Rivera

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