Monday, October 5, 2015

My Week in Cadiz 2nd Ward

That's 2 times you have gone apple picking without me! Thats ok because by the time I get home we can go again. I guess we kinda made it a family tradition going apple picking every season! I also saw the Blue Jays picture post season finally and all it took was for me to go on a mission! 

I wish I could spend more time here!!!
This week we spent a lot of time finding. We unfortunately realized that a lot of investigators stopped progressing. We are still visiting them but we are also spending a lot of our time looking for those who are looking for us. We had some miracles because of our efforts too. We contacted this one referral, she is truly searching for the truth and we are excited to give it to her! She would have come to church but her son had a really high fever! it was also true because we saw the kid when we visited her.

Some times I catch myself worrying about the numbers, like our numbers are too low or maybe we aren't doing enough, but then I think about the people we did teach and the lessons we had and the spirit they hopefully felt from the message of the restoration. I'm excited to contact and to teach all the people we found. I'm super excited to be able to share what I know to be true!

Being a missionary isn't easy but it is super worth it!

Elder Rivera

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