Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Sorry this email is late. Yesterday we had to go Bacolod and I didn't have enough time to email. So I'm emailing quickly now. I hope you get better mom! Cold season is here too in the Philippines, one of our housemates has had a cold for like 3 weeks now.

Our investigators
So this past week has been awesome. The Lord is truly blessing us through our efforts. A couple of weeks ago we had to drop a few of our investigators because sadly they had lost interest in the message we were sharing. So we have been working diligently to find others to teach in order to really help our area. We have found so many investigators. There is one family that just keeps giving. Every time we go to visit them there is a new investigator to teach! Also we were truly blessed with a miracle. After 3 weeks of NO investigators at church we had 6 all at once! Truly a miracle! 

I love teaching the gospel so much. It is not easy at all but it is so worth every minute of struggle and trial for all the blessings and gifts the Lord gives to us!

I really miss you all! Don't worry about me here I'll be fine! (in response to the question as to whether his area was affected by the Typhoon that just passed, and also about the new storm coming in behind this storm that just passed?)

Elder Rivera

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