Monday, September 14, 2015

My Favourite area!!!

Our Little Pizza lunch!!!
I'm probably going to be in University and have some one come up to me and ask me "are you Mrs. Rivera's son?" I'll never be able to escape your legacy. Just joking it's definitely because you're the best teacher in the whole Halton School Board! 

It is hot here like sticky hot but every night there is lightning. It is freaky some nights. Just last night the power was off and on 4 times. 

The sisters that were here were both Filipino and they are OK now they are still The Sister Training Leaders. And were emergency transferred to Victorias. 

My week was pretty good. We didn't work a couple of days because Elder Manzales wasn't feeling 100%. But we still worked hard on the days we did work. One of the less-actives members we taught this week came back to church this Sunday which is great!  I was extremely disappointed on Sunday when these awesome investigators we have didn't come to church. We can't seem to figure out what exactly is stopping them from coming to church. They really listen, and they asked for 3 copies of the Book of Mormon, one in English, Tagalog, and Ilonggo. They are awesome they just have something that we will of course help them with...eventually!!!

A funny thing that happened this week at our special sacrament, we were just about to start when some guy starts talking to the first councillor of the bishopric. It was
n't until the guy came in and sat down that we figured out he was drunk. He ended up leaving before the opening prayer but it was funny while he was there, he kept saying hi to everyone.

This area is the best, I hope I'm here for a while!

Elder Rivera

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