Monday, July 20, 2015

Ambot ah (I don't Know, I don't Understand, I don't Get It)

Hey I'm glad you guys enjoyed the swimming. I'm not allowed to swim, even though I'm surrounded by so many rivers and beaches. The closest I get to swimming is walking through the water. We didn't even need to walk through the water there is a bamboo bridge but we were working with our Branch mission leader and he is a little lazy and didn't want to walk to it, so we went into the water. 

As to what Sister Ocampo said (I was talking to Sister Ocampo today.  She is very impressed for how you are dealing with serving in the Philippines, and in particular the remote area.  She says she can only imagine how hard it would be to have to adapt to living without a lot of amenities while being faced with learning a new language and eating unfamiliar food), It is really hard to adjust to the mountains, not just the walking but the way of life also. It is completely different from anything I have ever done. On top of learning a new language, it all adds up, I can feel the weight of my calling for sure. But I have made amazing strides in the language, I have learned a lot, I think I can say that I am fluent but still have much to learn. And the love I have learned for people in general is life changing. I have become a lot stronger in a lot of ways. I love my mission, I regret nothing.

It has been crazy hot this past week, not a single drop of rain has fallen in our area and it is HOT!!! I'm praying for rain this week. Our one investigator needs just her baptismal interview then she can qualify for the ordinance. The problem is she is living on the military base close to our house and we are not allowed to enter the base because they don't like Mormons or something, the usually crap right. We are trying so much to get in contact with her but it is next to impossible. All I know is that she is ready and wants to be baptized and some how some way the Lord will provide a way for her to be baptized, I just don't know what that way is yet but we will find it.

Elder Rivera

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