Monday, July 13, 2015

A Good Week!!!

Well This week was transfers and I am in Oringao for one more transfer it would seem.

This past week has been a pretty good week. We have been doing our work, finding people to teach. I miss Crawford Lake, and all the turtles there. 

My leather bound Preach my Gospel was finished just last week I sent the picture of the front cover. It looks so cool! On the back it's the Filipino flag. 

Andoy Branch President
A really hilarious thing happened yesterday at Andoy. So we were up at Andoy both me and Elder Basay just waiting for lunch to be ready. We both were outside hanging out with the kids, when people just started climbing on the church structure outside. There was a crap load of Spider-man stuff going on, really, really FUN. Then Elder Basay gets the idea to do some tricks. There is a bench about 1.5 meters away from a wood beam about 2.75 meters from the ground. He says elder can you make the jump. I knew I could, and I was being pushed to do it. So I did it easily. Now Elder Basay he has a little bit of pride and ego so he says he is going to do it too. First attempt he couldn't get a grip and just lands on the ground. I then egg him on and he goes to do it again. His second attempt was SO FUNNY. He makes the jump but there was some saw dust on the beam so he slips off lands flat on his back on a ground full of rocks and dirt. While also hitting his head off the ground too. I tried so hard not to laugh but this one priest from Andoy was in tears laughing so I laughed too. I will never let him forget what happened!
The Andoy Branch

I love you guys! I miss you guys! And I hope you guys stay safe and don't do anything stupid like what Elder Basay did!!!!

Elder Rivera

Chicken intestines, so good!!!

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