Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pretty Good

Hey it's been a pretty good week. I'm glad to hear that the school year is wrapping up nicely! I do really miss you all so much not that I want to come home, at least not yet anyways.

The best part of my week for sure would have to be the one lesson we taught to Melanie. She has been pretty awesome as we have been going through the lessons, she reads the Book of Mormon, comes to church frequently, everything is Pretty awesome. But we taught her the word of wisdom, this is when we found out that she drinks coffee. I got so sad as soon as I heard that. We were going into dropping the habit and how it might be hard but the Lord can help when she said "it wouldn't be that hard". She is what you call a "Golden Investigator". It is easy to tell that she has been prepared by the lord. Her house is also slightly high up in a hill, well actually a mountain. But all the hard work it takes to get up to her house is always worth it.

I love you guys! Sorry this email isn't that long my companion really wants to go eat.

Also I can't find a SD card reader anywhere. But we are going to Bacolod soon so I will look there!

Elder Rivera

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