Saturday, October 18, 2014

Learning the Language and Nacho Libre!!!

This week has been an awesome week we have done!

So my district is made up of 9 elders no sisters, 4 are going to Bacolod and 5 to Iloilo. We all love each other and all the teachers and people are really impressed with our work ethic and progress with the gospel and the language. We do joke around a lot and quote Nacho Libre like every chance we get, we even translated some lines into Ilonggo like " indi ako nagapamati mo, Buwang Ka!!!" which means I'm not listening to you, you’re crazy!!!. I miss that movie so much!

We also had a devotional this week and we were shown the video for Christmas that is coming out this year it looks really cool, and we were also shown the videos from Easter and Mother’s Day. The one from Mother’s Day really made me miss you mom and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and my sisters for our whole lives! You do it not for a reward or for money but because you love us and we are not always thankful for everything and I'm sorry, but for all the times I didn't say thank you I just want to say THANK YOU for EVERYTHING you have done for me and that I LOVE you MOM!

We Skype with real Filipinos and we learned a lot. Class has been great the language gets a little easier every day it's all about placing everything in the right location in the sentence. I love all my teachers Especially Bro. Waggoner he is honestly the coolest guy ever he loves to teach us and he has some crazy mission stories. He says that if you don't poop your pants once on your mission then you didn't do it right.

Our district has been hosting the new missionaries for the past 2 weeks so we show all the new elders go for lunch their classroom and their rooms and stuff its pretty fun!

BIG NEWS!!! We got our travel plans today! We leave on Oct 30 we need to leave our room by 6 am the flight leaves Salt Lake at 11:30 am for Seattle then we leave Seattle for Tokyo then Tokyo to Manila and spend 5 days in the Manila MTC before going to Bacolod! Really excited!

i miss you all


Elder Rivera

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