Friday, October 10, 2014

I can Teach in Ilonggo!!!

I can Speak Ilonggo and teach lessons in Ilonggo, but I'm definitely not fluent!

General conference in the MTC is way different it goes by so much faster and before you know it its over! We have had general Authorities come and speak to us on our Sunday and Tuesday night devotionals. Which is sooo cool!!!

Classes can be rough and long but we get breaks in them so it gives you a chance to stretch your legs get some water and stuff. I love my teachers they are the best, Brother Waggoner, Sister Sablan, and Brother Winfield are so awesome and do a really good job with teaching the language and dumbing it down for us. Even from day one it has been 100% Ilonggo completely immersed.

The food is starting to get to me, really white food and it's just getting old!

I will be mailing my SD card home sometime within the next couple of days unless I can find a way to email them home which isn't looking likely! 

I have met a couple of cool Sister missionaries from the other districts and have become real close good friends with them; Sister Wilde and Sister Peterson totally cool!!!

I had the opportunity of hosting the new missionaries to the MTC the past Wednesday which was fun, and I get to do it again next week! I didn't get any crying missionaries.... maybe next week?

I did get my package thank you! The Americans loved the Wonder bars and Mr. Bigs and the all dressed chips, I still have a lot left! And the gospel art book will definitely help me with my lessons. I actually can roughly teach full 20 minute lessons on the restoration and am working on the plan of salvation. It's so cool. I've learned more in 3 weeks at the MTC than 5 years of French!

I miss you all so much and I love you all so much  

Elder Rivera

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